Logista Professional Services

Logista, a Nationwide Leader in Providing IT Solutions

Who We Are

We are a trusted leader.  Founded in 1983 as a one-store provider of personal computers and printers, Logista has evolved into one of the largest technology support providers in the nation, providing support solutions customized to fit individual business needs.  Fortune 1000 corporations and vertical market leaders trust Logista for innovative, structured solutions to IT services and systems integration. 

We are a professional team.  Our Logista team is made up of some of the industry’s brightest and most innovative individuals who are committed to staying ahead of the curve.  With almost 30 years of experience, we can boast that our solutions have been tested by some of the market’s most demanding industries. We’ve used this experience to build a broad portfolio that gives us an edge over our competitors. Years of proven solutions and dedicated teamwork give Logista the lead in providing technology support.

We are a business that understands business.  At Logista, we don’t like downtime either. Finding solutions for optimizing uptime helps us help you.  We help remove physical and financial limitations, making it easy for you to install and manage your software across multiple platforms. Our experience and insight enable us to provide you with proven strategies that reduce operating costs by consolidating resources.

What We Do

Our central focus is to help companies:

  • Develop structured support mechanisms for managing multi-site, multi-vendor environments
  • Developing business solutions that deliver cost effective diverse technology solutions
  • Streamline complex technology projects
  • Implement optimized support systems based upon financial goals and measurable service levels.
  • Create an adaptive infrastructure
  • Increase competitive advantage
  • Reduce costs
  • Custom engineer and tailored solutions to fit your timeline and business function with unmatched IT solutions.
  • Increase productivity

Logista - Corporate Headquarters
5911 Greenwood Pkwy 
Bessemer, AL 35022 
Phone # 205-565-2200